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Solaren Sees Some Changes in Leadership!

Solaren Risk Management has restructured roles resulting in some exciting new promotions and transitions.
Solaren Sees Some Changes in Leadership

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Mar. 30, 2024 | by: Solaren Risk Management

Solaren Risk Management has restructured roles resulting in some exciting new promotions and transitions.

The past few weeks have seen some changes in the leadership team for Solaren Risk Management. David Leavitt, Operations Manager for over two years with us, has left to pursue other opportunities and we wish him nothing but the absolute best. Due to his absence, the company has restructured roles resulting in some exciting new promotions and transitions.
Exciting new promotions and transitions at Solaren Risk Management

Exciting new promotions and transitions!

Joey Grosser, formerly the Law Enforcement Division Coordinator, and Adam Bailey, formerly a Field Operations Coordinator in our Security Division, both took on the role of Field Operations Manager working in tandem to bring their professionalism and work ethic to the forefront of our field operations. Joey has been with Solaren since 2021 and Adam since 2019. Both have more than proven themselves through the years and we are proud to see them move forward in leadership.

Bethany Gill, formerly our Administrative Manager, is taking on the role of Chief Operations Officer for the company. She is more than qualified through her years of experience in the company since 2018 and countless relationships she has developed with longstanding clients. Bethany earned this position through her dedication and professionalism, performing her work to the best of her abilities and leading all our team by example. We know that under her leadership the company is headed in the best possible direction and bound for success.

Taylor Pepper, formerly our Media & Marketing Coordinator, was promoted to Director of Communications for Solaren. This role transition was the result of his dedication to the company since starting last May and followed his extensive work on developing a consistent and comprehensive marketing structure for the company. He has created countless materials for social media, client proposals and more that have helped advertise and even breathe new life into the company’s brand.

Solaren Risk Management

All four of these individuals truly earned their new positions and we as a company and team look forward to seeing how they help lead the company forward toward success.

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