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How are Drones Changing the Game for the Security Industry?

According to Security Magazine, drones provide a very unique benefit to situational awareness. Autonomous technology continues to advance for Drone Security now and for the foreseeable future.

How are Drones Changing the Game for the Security Industry

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Jan. 12, 2024 | by: Solaren Risk Management

How are Drones Changing the Game for the Security Industry?

There has always been a level of controversy around drones, especially in the security sector. Drones are more accessible now than ever before and allow any individual to access any area, though there are rules established by the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA. Despite these concerns, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks for security companies to utilize drones for monitoring locations and managing crowds.

According to Security Magazine, drones provide a very unique benefit to situational awareness. The data collected by drones can be not only invaluable but highly transmittable. Information collected can be shared in real time with multiple organizations whether it be creating a timeline of evidence or a survey of a hazardous situation.

autonomous security drones used in security and surveillance solaren

As technology continues to advance and replace physical jobs, some guards may be worried about the possibility of drones replacing them and their patrols;

…the reality is that each guard can enhance their qualifications by becoming certified to pilot these drones. Not only does that certification expand the resume of each guard, but it maximizes the flexibility and capability of the company as a whole.
As for legalities, it makes sense for companies to adapt their policies surrounding stationary security cameras over to drones with the added regulations established by the FAA. This makes the transition much easier for security companies when they decide to adopt this new technology. Another perk for adopting drones is that according to Dart Drones, 90% of companies who utilize drones saw a positive Return on Investment, or ROI, within one year.

It is believed that 2024 will see a significant rise in investments into access control technology and its innovations.

Not only are drones more common and easier to acquire, but they have also become more efficient.

They can be deployed rapidly to respond to a scene and allow for real-time communication with the pilot. When compared to foot patrols or helicopters, drones are much more maneuverable and capable of accessing hazardous scenes or environments and in a timely fashion.

Autonomous Security Drones Used In Security And Surveillance - Solaren News

Solaren is focused on providing the most comprehensive and effective risk management solutions for our clients,

…which is why we plan to put multiple team members through training to become certified in drone piloting. We want to not only provide more peace of mind for our clients and capabilities for our staff, but also ensure that both are knowledgeable of the possibilities in the tech sphere nowadays.

“We are safety aware because we care”


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