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How Do ID Scanners Protect You?

Solaren Risk Management provides a host of useful services for clients in and around Tennessee, one of which is our use of ID scanning mobile devices and software.

How Do ID Scanners Protect You

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Mar. 9, 2024 | by: Solaren Risk Management

Solaren Risk Management provides a host of useful services for clients in and around Tennessee, one of which is our use of ID scanning mobile devices and software.

Solaren Utilizes ID scanners at some of our clients’ locations for the purposes of tracking entry and ensuring that problem customers are not able to return. The results are instantaneous, which can improve the flow of traffic into an establishment.

When an ID is scanned, the software checks the date of birth and expiration date first. It then compares the information and format to a database of documents stored for Solaren to reference. It then creates or updates the records stored on the mobile devices allowing for tagging of frequent or problem customers. This tagging tool greatly streamlines the process for allowing or restricting access to a location as the guard on post may change from shift to shift or week to week. This information stored online and on the scanner device itself can ensure that those flagged to not return are kept out.

How Do ID Scanners Protect You

It is a contactless solution that is app-based, can verify all domestic IDs from the United States and Canada and passports globally,

…allows for the storage of visitor profiles and notes, can create multiple entry alerts to avoid any pass-backs and timestamps all scans. The comprehensiveness of these devices and their software helps us to provide the highest level of security possible at all our locations that distribute age-restricted products such as alcohol.

How Do ID Scanners Protect You

This featured service is available to all clients, current or prospective, that wish to utilize it.

It makes life easier for our clients and staff with how capable and user-friendly the devices and software are for both staff and managers. The scan data is very comprehensive with location of visitors, ages, times and location of scans and is fully accessible to our clients. Interested in learning more or adding this to your contract? Head to today to get started with us!

“We are safety aware because we care”

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Solaren Risk Management is employed by top brands in the industry. These are just a few examples of some of our clients.

Solaren Risk Management was founded in early 2017 by two friends, Jack K. Byrd III and Curtis E. Dodson. We have proudly delivered unarmed and armed security services, off-duty police services, and investigation services for commercial and government clients. Our presence ensures the security of people, properties, and assets. Our Officers share an unwavering commitment to safeguard every post under our watch.

Solaren is a leading provider of Security & Police Personnel in the state of Tennessee & the Southeastern United States.

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