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Solaren Risk Management Holds Annual Christmas Party

If you ask any member of the Solaren leadership team, what the most valuable asset to our organization is, they will undoubtedly answer, “our staff.” – Jack Byrd III, CEO Solaren

Solaren Risk Management Holds Annual Christmas Party

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Solaren PR Team | October, 31 2019 | For Immediate Release

Solaren Risk Management Holds Annual Christmas Party

If you ask any member of the Solaren leadership team, what the most valuable asset to our organization is, they will undoubtedly answer, “our staff.” One of the ways, and perhaps our favorite way, to show our appreciation, and celebrate our staff, is by throwing our yearly Christmas party. This year’s gathering was held at Tucker’s Gap Event Center. We invited all of our staff, family, and friends out for dinner, door prizes, and awards. Santa also stopped by to visit with all the children in attendance.

Solaren currently has three major divisions in operation: Off Duty Law Enforcement, Event Staff and Security, and Traffic Control. One staff member within each division was selected and presented with an award for outstanding dedication and service to the Solaren Risk Management team.

Tracy Odem (pictured with Jack Byrd and Morgan Merchant)
Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

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Brahim “Abe” Lbhalla (pictured with Jack Byrd and Brandy James)
Security Officer of the Year

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Dalton Norrod (pictured with Jack Byrd and Jordan Byrd)
Traffic Control Officer of the Year

We also gave out two awards to members of our leadership team. Brandy James was named our Field Operations Coordinator of the Year, and Josh Braden was named our Top Performing Account Manager of the Year.

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Brandy James (pictured with Jack Byrd and Tyler Haley)
Field Operations Coordinator of the Year

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Josh Braden (pictured with Jack Byrd and Bethany Gill)
Top Performing Account Manager of the Year

Over the course of the night, we were able to celebrate with over 200 of our staff members, and their loved ones. A special thank you to the many dedicated members of the Solaren team who were working during the party and unable to attend. We were so glad to see so many people come by, and to have had this time to take a step back from work as we ramp up to one of our busiest nights of the year: New Year’s Eve.

“Safety aware, because we care.”

Superior Traffic Control Companies | Flagger Jobs Nashville TN

Solaren was Ready to Rock N Roll with St. Jude This Marathon!

Solaren provided comprehensive security and traffic control services for the St. Jude Rock N Roll Marathon throughout downtown Nashville.

Announcing Meghan Goldsmith Administrative Operations Coordinator for the Traffic Control Division

Meghan also works closely with Metro
Public Works to coordinate Right-of-Way Permits, ensuring all job sites are in compliance with the
permitting office.

Solaren Assisting with Security Effort with Wilson County & Tennessee State Fair

The Wilson County Fair–TN State Fair 2021 continues through Aug. 21 at the James E. Ward Agricultural Center in Lebanon. Solaren assisting security efforts…

Solaren CEO Jack Byrd III Speaks On New Legislation To Enhance School Safety

In response to this tragedy, Governor Bill Lee has proposed a bill that would place an armed security officer in every school in Tennessee.

Solaren Ensures Downtown Nashville has Safe Bars!

For your bar to become a Safe Bar, over 50% of your staff must be trained and complete evaluations, engage in check-ins every six months…

Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin

Solaren Risk Management was honored to be asked back for our second year working the Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival which returned to Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin, TN this past weekend for its 5th consecutive year.

Solaren Risk Management Recognizes Nick Jordan for Excellent Service

Nick Jordan, a dedicated member of our Off-Duty Law Enforcement Division since 2018, received Solaren’s Award of Excellence…

Solaren for Rent

Solaren provides quality security services with qualified professionals in Tennessee and beyond, but we also rent out some of the equipment that we use.

2022 New Year’s Eve and Music City Bowl

Solaren Touches Down in the New Year, ready to take on 2023! Providing event staff and security for the 25th Music City Bowl.

Solaren Adopts Mission Statement & Values

Solaren Values: Professionalism, Accountability, Integrity, Diversity, & Commitment. Mission Statement: We are safety aware because we care.

Solaren Risk Management is employed by top brands in the industry. These are just a few examples of some of our clients.

Solaren Risk Management was founded in early 2017 by two friends, Jack K. Byrd III and Curtis E. Dodson. We have proudly delivered unarmed and armed security services, off-duty police services, and investigation services for commercial and government clients. Our presence ensures the security of people, properties, and assets. Our Officers share an unwavering commitment to safeguard every post under our watch.

Solaren is a leading provider of Security & Police Personnel in the state of Tennessee & the Southeastern United States.

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