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Solaren’s Night Out Against Crime

This August 1st, Solaren participated in the National Night Out Against Crime along with Metro Nashville Police Department, the Tennessee Highway Patrol and National Guard at Opry Mills Mall.


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August 1 2023 | by: Solaren

Night Out Against Crime in Nashville

This August 1st, Solaren participated in the National Night Out Against Crime along with Metro Nashville Police Department, the Tennessee Highway Patrol and National Guard at Opry Mills Mall. Each organization brought something unique to the table for visitors to experience; Solaren brought free backpacks full of school supplies for families in need.


National Night Out helps to build relationships between neighbors and law enforcement to foster a sense of community.

It is a great opportunity for police and citizens to gather in a positive manner to talk and learn from each other. The level of transparency this event creates in communities helps to foster trust and integrity while maintaining a level of fun throughout. National Night Out is celebrated annually across all 50 states in the U.S. and has been a popular event for 39 years.


We at Solaren had a blast meeting everyone and helping those in need of school supplies.

Solaren brought out the famous Rescue 2 armored unit for kids and their parents to experience and photograph. We used Rescue 2 to hand out both the free backpacks and as much candy as parents would allow their kids to have! In addition to the armored unit, we also brought out our mobile command center for visitors to explore.

The turnout and community engagement were amazing and we at Solaren look forward to this every year. Rescue 2 was a hit with the kids as they got to explore a piece of history, and the school supplies took the weight off the parents who may have needed the help. That is Solaren’s mission: to help our community. We look forward to seeing you all next year and remember: we are safety aware, because we care.

“We are safety aware because we care”

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Solaren Risk Management is employed by top brands in the industry. These are just a few examples of some of our clients.

Solaren Risk Management was founded in early 2017 by two friends, Jack K. Byrd III and Curtis E. Dodson. We have proudly delivered unarmed and armed security services, off-duty police services, and investigation services for commercial and government clients. Our presence ensures the security of people, properties, and assets. Our Officers share an unwavering commitment to safeguard every post under our watch.

Solaren is a leading provider of Security & Police Personnel in the state of Tennessee & the Southeastern United States.

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